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MaxxPI² - PreView - Multi 
 Review done by Frank Hempel, at: (review in german)
 Direkt link to review: here , english translation: here

MaxxPI² - PreView - Multi 
 Review done by Hakase, at: (review in japanese)
 Direkt link to review: here , english translation: here (bablefish)

MaxxPI² - General 
 Blog entry done by Rodger, at: rodgersnotes
 Direkt link to blog: here 


Selection of some other publications at:
  PC Utilities magazine
  Featured on PC Utilities magazine no.118:  here
  c't Magazin für Computertechnik
  Ratgeber-Hardware, 02/2009: here
  Software-Kollektion 6/09 (c't 24/09) 02/2009: here
  Hardware-Diagnoseprogramme für Windows (c't 24/10) 11/2010: here

Selection of websites, that use MaxxPI² as official benchmark(s), for official tests and/or reviews: 

Selection of received awards: