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How can i get an user account, needed for online validations ?
For now, simply mail us: ( not Available at the Moment ) ,
Subject: MaxxPI-Account , and tell your preferred user name. We will send you an password (normally within couple hours).
Of course, you can use the default *Anonymous account that every MaxxPI²-Professional copy, contains.
Is this service for free ?
Yes and all *Preview-versions are for free. Maybe later people can do donations, if they want to.
When will  MaxxPI² Professional  be released?
Summer/Winter 2011
Is there any chance to get beta version of MaxxPI² Professional?
Normally not, but if you have:
 - a lot of different PC's to bench (old/new doesn't matter)
 - write a review/test for a website (please tell me which website)
 - you willing to do validations (all kinds of benchmarks)
 - or any important reason (please tell me your reason)

you can try to get a beta account(s) via CONTACT form

Why should i use online validation ?
It will provide all users of MaxxPI² an easy comparing with other machines and you are able
to store your own results, view and export them. The results will be available everywhere and they
are not limited to an webpage or forum, so users of MaxxPI² will also be able to see, witch machine matches
with certain hardware and witch kind of hardware will maximize their performance.
Is MaxxPI² optimized for any kind of CPU manufacturer ?
How do I optimize my system, for running MaxxPI² ?
For receiving optimal benchmark results it's recommended that all not needed applications, services,
tasks should be shutdown, while running an MaxxPI² benchmark (to minimize external influences). To check, how high your
current resouces usage is, you can use MaxxPI²'s build in System resouces check via:
MENU -► Online -► Compare resources, as result it will give you this (not part of any PreViews):
Try to keep the Actual resoures usage low, as low as possible.
As an alternative you may set Priority to high, via MENU -► Options -► Priority, if you cannot shutdown
any applications, services or tasks, but that is not our recommendation. 
Is MaxxPI² open source ?
Does it matter which OS is used ?
In some cases, yes. Normally every x64 OS has an beneficial.
If multithreading is heavily used, then Vista / Server 2003(2008) / Win7
are the better choice because of it's improved sheduler.
For further informations please read here and here.
Is MaxxPI² the fastest PI-calculation programm ?
- Single-PI
   MaxxPI²'s included Single-PI calculation-routine is very fast (same as MaxxPI-Preview-Single),
   it is one of the fastest single threaded PI-calculation programms, but anyway there are also faster ones.
   MaxxPI² has a different motivation to measure all machines in the same manner without optimizations but with
   current techniques that provide reliable consistent results.
- Multi-PI
   MaxxPI²'s included Multi-PI calculation-routine is impressively fast (same as MaxxPI-Preview-Multi),
   it is one of fastest worldwide (for MS Windows based personal computer), but anyway there are also faster
   programms for PI calculation, like QPI-Quick Pi by Steve Pagliarulo and y-cruncher by Alexander J. Yee, but
   again: MaxxPI² has a different motivation to measure all machines in the same manner without
   optimizations but with current techniques that provide reliable consistent results.
What is K/sec. ?
Is given to compare easier achieved results,
so instead of having to say 2min 32sec 343ms...
now you need only to tell on single number, K/sec.
For further informations please read here.
Will MaxxPI² run with 64bit systems ?
Yes perfectly, MaxxPI² is an 32bit application, witch take advantge from an 64bit host (OS).
For further informations please read here and here.
Will MaxxPI² run with MS Windows 95/98 ? 
MaxxPI² is designed to run on following operating systems: 
 - Microsoft Windows 2000, 32/64bit (experimental)
 - Microsoft Windows XP, 32/64bit
 - Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 32/64bit
 - Microsoft Windows Vista, 32/64bit
 - Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 32/64bit
 - Microsoft Windows 7, 32/64bit
 - Microsoft Windows 8, 32/64bit (experimental)
Will MaxxPI² need any additional libraries or installation ?
No, there is no need for any additional libraries.
But it is strongly recommended that the latest service-pack is installed.
MaxxPI² does not need to be installed, just run the executable.
Will MaxxPI² run from memorysticks without a special configuration?