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MaxxPI² - PreView - Single:
Is the *little brother of MaxxPI², it contains the same PI-calculation routine as MaxxPI² does.
So your reaced results will be comparable to SinglePI calculations, shown here on MaxxPI.Net.
MaxxPI²-Preview-Single is designed to do SinglePI calculations.

File specifications:

  • File size: 1413120 bytes
  • MD5...: 2f856b9c7c35da5d3252bcd914ee6071
  • SHA1  : 616d1d4a8b36b23ab9b03050865a768e795256e7
  • SHA256: 4fb2541182b93800bf25b78dc75ebe4e5c30a256ab2ff46467232a47ff6a5607

Versions history*:

  • v1.xx, internal releases (01/06/2008)
  • v1.31, initial public release (01/01/2009)
  • v1.32, CPU-Spinup code added, for better time measuring precision (07/01/2009)
  • v1.34, selectable CPU-core, compatible with Intel i7 i9xx and up to 8 cores (10/01/2009)
  • v1.34, now full compatible with Windows 7 Beta 7xxx x86/x64 (10/01/2009)
  • v1.35, minor change in CPU name detection (18/02/2009)
  • v1.36, small change at CPU-Spinup code, GUI changes (11/05/2009)
  • v1.40, application name change, from "MaxxPI² - PreView" to "MaxxPI² - PreView - Single" (28/05/2009)
  • v1.40, change in OS name detection (28/05/2009)
  • v1.40, added 256M calculation option (only x64) (28/05/2009)
  • v1.41, batchmode added (18/06/2009)
  • v1.45, system information's added (12/08/2009)
  • v1.60, major algorithm change from Gauss–Legendre to Chudnovsky (16/10/2009)
  • v1.70, maintenance update, better detection for new Intel ix series (22/11/2009)
  • v1.71, minor bugfixes (03/01/2009)
  • v1.80, maintenance update, minor bugfixes (12/10/2010) NEW!

Directions for use Install and Remove:

MaxxPI² - PreView - Single does not need to be installed, just unzip the files in a directory and run the executable
(MaxxPi2_preview.exe). In order to remove the program, just delete MaxxPi2_preview.exe and if it exists, MaxxPi2_preview.cfg. 

MaxxPI² - PreView - Single uses a configuration file, MaxxPI2_preView.cfg, that allows to store
several parameters. It will be created at runtime automatically.

* Versions v1.31-1.45 are comparable among themselves, but *not* with v1.60 and above, due (major) algorithm change.