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MaxxPI² - PreView - Multidownloads: 36763 | type: zip | size: 0 kB
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MaxxPI² - PreView - Multi:
Is the *little brother of MaxxPI², it contains the same PI-calculation routine as MaxxPI² does.
So your reaced results will be comparable to MultiPI calculations, shown here on MaxxPI.Net.
MaxxPI²-Preview-Multi is designed to do MultiPI calculations. For further scaleability informations on different CPU types, see here.
File specifications:
  • File size: 1125376 bytes
  • SHA256:     093c508fbff23caa7cf72fac10e826be78e9d3db7fbe0a967ff103d89a568ffb
  • SHA1:     d4a1f6382699689ec8080022048e505958343d9a
  • MD5:     f8bb5a30bcb8ff79c17a6149ef9f0bed

Versions history*:

  • v1.xx, internal releases (01/01/2009)
  • v1.07, initial public release (16/07/2009)
  • v1.45, major update, system information's added (12/08/2009)
  • v1.55, support for upcomming new 6/12 core CPU's added (03/01/2010)
  • v1.60, maintenance update (11/11/2010)
  • v1.65, maintenance update, sandy support (07/04/2011)
  • v1.80, maintenance update (17/02/2012) NEW!

MaxxPI² - PreView - Multi does not need to be installed, just unzip the files in a directory and run the executable
(MaxxPi2M_preview.exe). In order to remove the program, just delete MaxxPi2M_preview.exe and if it exists, MaxxPi2M_preview.cfg. 

MaxxPI² - PreView - Multi uses a configuration file, MaxxPi2M_preView.cfg, that allows to store
several parameters. It will be created at runtime automatically.

* There are no changes at the main benchroutine since initial release.
   So your reaced results will be comparable, from v1.07 to all further upcoming releases.