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Memory footprint:
Very low
A numeric-point unit (NPU) or floating-point unit (FPU) is a part of a computer system's CPU and is specially designed to carry out
operations on floating point numbers. MaxxPI² will meansure this part of the CPU, via Flops bench.
Flops bench supports in the current version, CPU's with 1,2,3,4 and 8 Core's (HT core's counts as *real* core).
For further scaleability informations on different CPU types, see here: here.
Flopsbench is also used by MaxxFLOPS-Preview.
It is split into three (main) subcategories, DIV/ADD/MUL to spread FPU load in wide and different ranges:
  • FPU DIV based, doing the following benchmarks: 
    • Double / SSEx Double DIV
    • Float / SSEx Float DIV
  • FPU ADD based, doing the following benchmarks: 
    • Double / SSEx Double ADD
    • Float / SSEx Float ADD
  • FPU MUL based, doing the following benchmarks:
    • Double / SSEx Double MUL
    • Float / SSEx Float MUL
Reached results (score):
Is given in FLOPS (Floating Point Operations Per Second) and shows the arithmetic average between:
"Average (Avg.) DIV Flops" and "Average (Avg.) ADD Flops and Average (Avg.) MUL Flops".
Further given informations:
Benchtime (Benched in) shows the time needed to run Flopsbench.
Displaytime (Displayed in), shows the time needed to show the current resultset.