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MaxxPI² stands for:

  • Easy usage
  • Lightweight/Portability, no install, USB-Stick useability, round about 1Mbyte filesize per benchmark
  • Usage of current technologies like sse, mmx, scheduled threading and further techniques
  • Providing reliable consistent results
  • It was made sure as possible, that all CPU-typs are equally served
  • Sharing Performance informations
  • Support of 32/64bit systems from Windows 2000 upto Windows 7


MaxxPI² is splitted to *PreView version's and full version: MaxxPI²

  • MaxxPI² - PreView - Single (Freeware)
  • MaxxPI² - PreView - Multi (Freeware)
  • MaxxMEM² - PreView - Single (Freeware)
  • MaxxMEM² - PreView - Multi (Freeware)
  • MaxxMIPS² - PreView (Freeware)
  • MaxxFLOPS² - PreView (Freeware)
  • MaxxPI² (currently not available for the public, known as *Internal* beta, this will be NO Freeware)